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Our Services

Construction Management

  • Planning of Site Activities
  • Construction Supervision
  • Quality Guidelines
  • Monitor Qualitative Output
  • Joint Measurement
  • Bill Certification

    Close and continuous attention to every detail of the project is very essential. Few owners maintain the staff and resources for the same. Prishma is ideally suited to offer construction management services. Project delivery methods used are :

    'Agency' or Cost plus Construction Management:
    This is a fee- based service in which we are responsible exclusively to owner and act in owner's interest at every stage of the project. We offer advice to client uncoloured by any conflicting interest on project matters such as :

  • Optimum utilization of available funds
  • Control of the scope of work
  • Project scheduling
  • Optimum use of design & construction firms' skills
  • Avoidance of delays, changes and disputes
  • Enhance project design, procurement and construction quality

    Comprehensive management of every stage of the project yields the maximum possible benefit to Owners from this method of Construction management.

    'At-risk' Construction Management:
    Through this method, we are committed to deliver the project within a guaranteed maximum price. During development & design stages, we act as consultant to the owner. However, during construction phase we act as contractor.

    Budget is generally restricted.

  • Services We Offer

    Basic Engineering
    Detailed Engineering
    Project Management
    Construction Management
    Management Consultancy

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