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Our Services

Basic Engineering

Pilot Plant Studies & Scale-up

These services include witnessing pilot plant trials at the specified center / laboratory, evaluation of alternative process steps. After freezing of the process based on the pilot plant studies scale up at required commercial scale is done.


Process Engineering & Commissioning Assistance

These services include development of process flow diagrams, process & instrumentation diagrams, material and energy balances, line lists, process design of equipment, instrument data sheets, conceptual layouts, commissioning manual etc. Once the plant is engineered and mechanically complete, a team of commissioning engineers is deployed for pre-commissioning, trial runs and start-up activities.

PRISHMA deploys qualified & experienced process engineers, professional from relevant industry sector and state of the art software packages for rendering these services.

With meticulous approach, proven system and application of fundamental principles, PRISHMA can offer value-added services in conceptualization of a project, selection of environmental friendly technology and designing an efficient and safe plant.

Services We Offer

Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering
Project Management
Construction Management
Management Consultancy

Welcome to Prishma… Concept to Commissioning – Multi-disciplinary services under one roof